Russia Drops Out Microsoft and Oracle products

Technology world is dominated by US products in 21st century. But the scenario is changing due to various factors and concerns around the globe. Various countries are promoting their local software products backed by open source community and local IT firms. The concern are security, vendor lock and promoting in-house IT industry.

Now, Russia, the biggest country in the world ditch Microsoft software for locally crafted alternatives.  The Russian President said that starting from the second half of 2016; all state-backed companies should switch to Russian software.

If Russian public authorities want to buy foreign software, they must first consult with a special registry and make sure that there are no similar Russian products. If there are Russian alternatives, authorities will have to explain why Russian software doesn’t suit their needs.

Starting the with 6,000 employees in Moscow which will reach 600,000 municipal employees, the Russian government will be replacing Microsoft Outlook and Exchange with their homegrown MyOffice which is developed by Russia-based New Cloud Technology. The email system will be installed by Rostelecom PJSC which is a state-run carrier.

Moscow’s government has already switched Cisco Systems Inc. technology for city surveillance cameras to local software. State media company Rossiya Segodnya and Moscow’s regional government switched from Oracle database systems to open-code PostgreSQL software supported by local programmers.

Russian Government entities spend about 20 billion rubles ($295 million) a year on foreign software. The Russian ministry has created a list of 2000 local alternatives of foreign software. The plan poses a challenge to the likes of Microsoft, SAP SE and Oracle Corp. in the country’s $3 billion software market.




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